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Re: A reply and a question...
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Re: A reply and a question...

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Posted by Vanessa ( on March 29, 2003 at 09:16:49:

In Reply to: A reply and a question... posted by Josie ( on March 26, 2003 at 11:53:42:

I am also a 5, and my best friend is a 7. I just love 7's - they tend to be a lot of fun!

But, your question about his comment. I don't tell people a lot of things either, until I KNOW that they can be trusted with information about me. Personally, I feel very vulnerable when personal information is known, and I prefer to hand it out myself - I WILL not tell people information who are gossips, or tend to tell all they know to anyone who will listen.

I've only read a little bit about the enneagram, so this is all from experience. I personally am intensely private - and anyone trying to barge in will find me cold and distant. Now, if they give me space, and let me offer up the information on my own - I find myself absolutely chatty. ESPECIALLY if I have decided the person is trust worthy.

Give him time - I know it can be frustrating. Try not to bowl him over, but don't change who you are. He will be feeling out your responses too. If you change who you are around him, it leaves him on uncertain ground with you.

Good luck!

> I appreciate all of the advice I've been given here, so far. And you may be right, B.O., a lot of these things are things I already know, but as a 7w6, who can only really see things as a 7w6, I know, but I don't really KNOW, you know? ;oD It'd be interesting to read what other 5s think of my behaviour, I understand why fives are the way they are (all logical, not trusting their instincts, taking a long time to process feelings, etc.) in an intellectual sense, but not in an instinctual one, and, as a 7, if I don't understand something instinctively, I don't really understand it. I appreciate what Pork, Flower Pagan and Defenestrate have been able to share. I guess I just have to let my 5w6 boyfriend work out his feelings before he contacts me again. I'm still worried.

> Here's a question for the 5s here; my boyfriend told me once why he doesn't like me to tell other people things about him. This is what he said, 'People will misuse information, the world may take advantage of you.' What does this mean to you, and why can't I, as a 7, understand it? My boundless optimism?

> -Josie

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