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Re: I need opinions on type!
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Re: I need opinions on type!

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Posted by P ( on April 25, 2003 at 13:29:10:

In Reply to: Re: I need opinions on type! posted by Charlie ( on April 24, 2003 at 23:19:24:

> > > Possibly a 6w5 NT or STP type counterphobic, sexual subtype potentially with anti-social disorder.
> Could you please explain basically why you think this is so,

***Basically you sound like me in many aspects. Being analytical and becoming nitpicky and critical when people are being illogical or impractical. Some of my friendships have ended because of betrayal or what I or they perceive as dishonerable actions.
I am type 6, the type which is fearful yet I am more counterfearful where I'd rather be in charge of my fear and immediate environment so as to not feel fear. I too have a tendency towards physical violence but mine is more out of defensiveness from fear of being taken advantage of or frustration that others are not doing what I want when its the best thing for them. For example I took on three punks in a road rage incident a few months ago because they were harassing me and I had recieved some really bad news an hour before. I always size up peoples physique, physicality, movements and power, strength, speed potential and am embarassed that I do this. Again, though I do this more from a defensive perspective.

An 8 you may do these things proactively. In order to gain control over others as contrasted to a 6 who does them only to feel safe and not vulnerable.

***The only times I've been psycological manipulative is when people really tried screwing me. With a man it doesnt work too well things end up in a physical fight. Though with women they cry and carry on. i.e. when I broke up with old girlfriends. I could say some rotten things that left them in tears or hysterics. And keep rubbing the salt in the wound. Then have them backstab later.

THanks so much, and I think you have hit on the money with the anti-social disorder potential...many have told me that in personal dealings. THank you>Charlie

***Fuck I just deleted my response on myersbriggs and NT, SP, will post later.

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