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Am I a 3w4 or a 5w6?
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Am I a 3w4 or a 5w6?

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Posted by dimmi ( on May 11, 2003 at 00:05:25:

I posted this on the main message board but thought some feedback from 5s firsthand might be nice...I have considered myself a 5, and my highest score on the enneagram test here was indeed a 5. Although taking the more specific one (including wing, forget which site it was from) was a 3w4. I am very confused..hopefully some of you could offer some insight..

I find myself in a similar predicament, although I haven't yet found the solution. I know I am an INTJ, although I am not sure if I am a 3w4 or a 5w6, I carry many attributes of both. I thought I was a 5w6 because I am apt to researching, observing & naturally analyzing & classifying things which I thought was characteristic of 5s. However, I can also be outspoken, highly perfectionistic, worry about my relationship with others & being 'successful,' although my definition of success is not merely monetary. I would like to pursue education to a high level, probably earn a PhD or go to law school, since I am very fond of debate as well (although I like to talk only after careful reflection of the issues involved. If I say something that sounds unoriginal, erroneous, or out of context I feel stupid retreat, although I'm not afraid to admit my mistake to the class as well.) I have also considering going into psychology, or early childhood education & helping children with learning disabilities, as I am currently tutoring young children & really enjoy helping them learn, even if they do not necessarily improve (which I would think a three would find important.)

If you'd like to offer your own interpretation that may help, as I feel largely confused at this point, and its nice to see that there's another person who appeared to be in a similar situation! I am currently in my last year of high school & am known by other students as being quiet, analytical, studious & a natural leader (Also possibly noteworthy, I currently have a position on my student government & when I recently saw there was a chance of losing that position became quite intimidated & embarrassingly somewhat scheming. But I also know that I'm a genuinely nice person...my boss at work, for instance, told me he'd consider me a golden retriever or 'helper' character in personality psychology, although I would consider myself having more of an analyst/rational character (which I conveniently didn't mention to maintain his believed superiority in such 'deep' issues that only psych majors like himself should probably know..perhaps another 3 trait) Yet, of course in a job helping school children, which side of me do you think would show? :)


To answer Damian's question, if I am a 3w4, I do not view success as being inexplicitly tied to money. INTJs, along with INTPs value people based on their intelligence, how genuinely original, creative and intelligent they appear to ourselves, by our own standards. Success, as a literal definition, I would say as being accomplishing whatever one has set as a goal. However, to appreciate that success I would have to appreciate the person or worth of the goal - i.e. the integrity of the person or goal, if it is worth accomplishing. A successful person, then to me, must also carry integrity.

I generally value people who are wise, who appear balanced in their health & pursuits (who appreciate more than just one defined interest in school..) who are generally well-rounded & intelligent people, intelligence also encompassing creativity. But I appreciate many different types of people. I have many friends who are E/I Fs, who are very creative and mature but may not be the most rational/intelligent people. But they are genuinely nice people, and I also value them for that as well. One thing I know for sure is that I absolutely cannot stand ignorant people who only do things based on their proven track record..people who can't think outside the box.

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