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Re: 5 and 7 relationships
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Re: 5 and 7 relationships

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Posted by Ingo ( on May 15, 2003 at 16:00:39:

In Reply to: Re: 5 and 7 relationships posted by Josie ( on May 15, 2003 at 11:04:28:

> the stereotype and men, women, and the desire for sex. ;) I'll be
> patient, and sometimes ask direct questions, is that a good idea?

At least it's the best recommendation I can give, assuming "your" 5 is similar to me.

> Oh, I do, believe me! But, respecting my 5, I do so when we're
> alone, only. If he were a 7 though, I guarrantee you we'd be making
> out in public! But a 5 doesn't usually do that, I guess I've
> noticed that.

Good observation :-) I don't mind a hug in public, but that's about the limit. Intimacy is serious business, not to be taken lightly, and not to be exposed to potential interruptions by street noise or other people walking around.

> > Not something that Fives appreciate. Watch out for potential trouble.

> Huh? But it's my own money! How could he get mad at me about that?

Perhaps not get mad, but as I said, I suspect he doesn't appreciate it. His opinion about you might get a few points away from perfection.

> I've learned that and now I officially accept it. I'll do my
> 7ish 'head filling with wish fufillment dreams' thing to help cope.

5s are good at that as well, by the way...

> To explain, my 5 may not want to be as close to me as I want him to
> now, but I'll privately dream about us being married and stuff. But
> of course, I won't mention my dreaming, I'll handle RL matters with
> him at his speed.

Sounds like a good strategy.

> P.S. If you need further advice about 7w6s, I'll be glad to help. Me and my 5 will be meeting (after months apart) in Florida in

Well, yes, there is one thing that often bothers me... I guess it's also some form of the 5 fear of rejection. My 7 has, of course, a well-filled agenda (in three colours to be precise). When I see it, my immediate reaction is that she won't have any time to see me. I almost lose the courage to propose a meeting, fearing that I might be told to be more patient, as there are so many more important things that need to be done first. That has never happened (yet?), but I can't get it out of my mind. Am I being delirious?

And of course I do wish you well - what else could I do, since you are about to make a fellow 5 happy?

Ingo the 5 :-)

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