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Re: 5 and 7 relationships
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Re: 5 and 7 relationships

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Posted by Josie ( on May 17, 2003 at 21:30:11:

In Reply to: Re: 5 and 7 relationships posted by Ingo ( on May 17, 2003 at 17:05:25:

> > Subtle signs? Smiling? Ice cream buying? Eye contact? Yes, my

> Yes, those are examples. Remember that the "default" way for a Five to relate to others is ignoring them as much as possible. Any attention towards you *is* a positive sign.


> > 5 shows them. And he has amazing taste in ice cream, also, have you
> > ever tried some that was roasted marshmallow flavoured? Mmmmmm...

> 7 speaking ;-)

Don't I know it!

> > quickly forgive them. ;) I've seen my 5 go to 7 often, like when
> > he's driving the car and singing silly song lyrics he made up,
> > amazingly, his 7ish behaviour made ME go to 5 and observe it with a
> > really serious look on my face. LOL Isn't it amazing when 5s and
> > 7s switch places?

> Yes, and I like it. It makes me feel more alive. But I do need to get back "home" after a while.

There's no place like home... Of course, mine is 'happy, happy, happy, happy, must be happy, happy, happy, happy...'

> > > Right, I forgot hand-holding ;-)

> > Gotta love it, eh?

> With the right person, yes! :-)

> > ran around, from painting to painting, sculpture to sculpture. He
> > said he loved watching me do that, I'm really just a little girl
> > who's excited by creativity. ;)

> Interesting. I also like watching "my" 7 have fun. But then, watching is a big 5 specialty :-)

Ooh, you folks sound so mysterious...

> > near as broke as I am. LOL As for kids, I had a Tamagotchi once...
> > No, I don't think I ever want real kids. But I bet, as a 7, she
> > must be a really fun mother. But then, during bad times, I guess

> Probably. I think it depends on the children's point of view. I am not sure I would have appreciated a 7 mother. In fact, I came to appreciate 7s only later in life, when I was a kid I dismissed them as superficial.

> > we'd either complain to our kids or pretend the problems don't
> > exist. Does that sound like her?

> Yes...

> > You mean you 5s AREN'T robots? ;oD

> Let me check... no! :-)

Then, what are the batteries for? I know what MINE are for...

> > No problem. But we 7s don't usually feel others being intrusive
> > the way you 5s do, you've got to keep hat in mind.

> It seems hard to believe, but I believe you ;-)

I'll be careful not to intrude if you 5s will define it for me, it might be a little different for each person. My 5 is telling me what he expects more often, it's a good idea if you explain your boundaries clearly, especially with 7s. Because we don't think and feel exactly the same way, communication is needed.

> > told a few select people, that's reassuring. Something that I think
> > helps; instead of asking a 5 how he/she would feel in X situation,
> > ask how 'ONE' would feel in X situation. I think, put that way, I
> > can learn about his feelings without him feeling like I'm asking
> > specifically about him and intruding.

> You seem to have an advanced degrees in 5 studies :-)

> Ingo the 5 :-)

I have a great teacher! And now I have other great teachers too, like you. ;oD

Josie the 7

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