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Re: Time, Decisions, Definitiveness
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Re: Time, Decisions, Definitiveness

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Posted by Hyperion ( on May 23, 2003 at 13:29:28:

In Reply to: Re: Time, Decisions, Definitiveness posted by Mr. Mistofelees ( on May 21, 2003 at 10:44:15:

*I'm a female INTP, 5w4, and I don't like to be late because of fear of the consequences, etc. I'm always late to class, meetings and other things I don't really consider necessary. However, when something is really important, I am on time. I wear a watch to make sure I can keep up with time restrictions placed on me by J types. I hate drawing attention to myself and having to face the consequences of being late. It's much easier for me to just be on time and be left alone.*

I do take a glance at time when I really really need to -> on the cellphone - if I remember to bring it along.

* I think I make snap decisions because I feel lost and unsatisfied with life and its direction. That is a very good idea of yours that this is caused by inferior extraverted feeling. *

When personality types flip as a result of stress - they tend to flip to the opposite shadow type. The INFP for instance will put on the ESTJ "business suit". When the INTP flips - he/she becomes ESFJ who is also fond of snap decisions based on present "reality" sensory input regardless of the quality or quantity of input.

* I have definitely noticed some discrepancies in behavior between female/male INTPs. For example, most male INTPs I know are much more self-confident and sarcastic than the females of this type.*

Males are probably more adventurous, more eccentric, more self-confident and cynical than females in all the types. It's probably in our genes.

I suspect female INTPs probably have stronger Fe functions than typical INTP. I have a relatively strong Fe component (about 25% compared to 75% Ti) too hence I sometimes behave more like a lively giddy INFP especially when I am very happy or in love, or a hypersensitive and idealistic INFP when I am lonely. Nevertheless I am quite capable of behaving 100% INTP - cold, unemotional and objective when my Ti core is in total control.

* Females seem to be more quiet and compliant because they don't want to rock the boat. *

I think both male and female INTPs are relatively quiet, adaptable and very compliant and don't want to draw attention to themselves BUT it is when their esteemed principles are violated or challenged where INTP males might suddenly become stubborn, outspoken and more argumentative and females might remain silent and remain passive.

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