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Re: sometimes I run...
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Re: sometimes I run...

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Posted by Odyssey ( on May 25, 2003 at 01:43:03:

In Reply to: Re: sometimes I run... posted by Moon ( on April 22, 2003 at 22:29:56:

> > > ### Hi Jenny,
> > > I'm not a 5 and I don't understand them well so don't take this as advice. Thought I would relay on a 5 friend's experience who decided that planning activities for herself was the way to get her to action and integrate to 8. She is part of a theatre company, choir, goes out socially when invited and generally leads a fairly full life but she has consciously planned it. Recently though she had an operation and has had to spend 6 weeks at home. What I can't understand is that she does not watch TV, tried reading but left off after 1 book and to my knowledge does nothing else all day. I really don't know how I could ever do that, even if I was sick. What does a 5 do in their mind all day that keeps them happily there?

> > > Sharlee 1w2

> > *****That's interesting, about your friend not "doing" anything all day. I get restless just sitting around staring at walls. I am always either reading, on the computer, watching Tv, or studying. Maybe she was doing that because she was in an altered mind state because of the operation. Sometimes that can cause one to think about things more in depth, I have heard. There are times, though, when I am happy thinking for hours, but it's usually while I'm doing something else. Usually I am fantasizing about a current object of affection or just analyzing things. Maybe I should think about integrating to an eight...

> > Jenny 5w4 INTP

> I'm very much a 5 and I'm sorry to say that my default state is to do nothing and simply think. In fact, it takes me all the self-decipline I can muster to tear myself away from my thoughts and get on with some work.

> Sometimes I get upset when I find myself thinking about a seemingly insoluble problem.

About doing nothing all day: I do think it's odd, but not unlikely if she's being philosophical. Philosophy(love?life?destiny?etc.) and similarly abstract subjects don't often need books to be pondered upon, as they can be understood via intellect without much real-world data.
My personal experience is: I'm a teenage 5w4, and I agree that I would sit and think for a very long time if there weren't external demands to be met. I also find myself getting mentally distracted often, especially if I'm procrastinating(sigh) some unstimulating schoolwork. I tend to spend hours thinking or learning something aside from what I need to do, before I force myself to crawl out of my head - whether I feel satisfied in understanding the world(5) or myself(4-wing) yet or not.

~Odyssey, 5w4 +1, INTP

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