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Re: No one is a pure type
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Re: No one is a pure type

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Posted by Odyssey ( on May 25, 2003 at 02:16:46:

In Reply to: Re: No one is a pure type posted by Josie ( on May 23, 2003 at 09:58:48:

I'm a 5w4 as well, and it seems like the core and the wing can be developed independently, depending on what needs are satisfied. I'm an average 5, thus I see little healthy 7 or 8 qualities in myself. However, I think I'm about average-healthy with 4, therefore that explains my high 1-ness (integration) plus some of the healthier 2 traits. Perhaps I feel like my 4-wing needs have been better met [-understanding myself via observing my feelings and expressing myself-] than my 5 needs [-understanding and possessing knowledge about the world around me-]. It seems certain to me that different parts of the personality can be healthier independently of the other parts. What do you think?

~Odyssey, 5w4 +1, INTP (male, adolescent)

PS: I've read that most 5's and INTPs have trouble knowing their emotions, but thanks to a good female INFJ (2or4?) friend, my emotional/creative side gets drawn out and my 4-wing is happy ^_^ But I need a friend(! lol) in real-life that can enjoy mutual sharing of world-understanding and thus help satisfy my 5 core...... Lol, pardon the random frustrations due to being picky in choosing 'trustables'.

> Damian;

> Wow, it's almost like you have multiple personalities! (LOL)

> Palmer would have a field day with you... But your Enneagram related tempermental shifts ARE going in the directional patterns, eh? Interesting.

> I'm curious about your childhood, but, as you're probably mainly a 5, you might not want to share that information with us.

> Oh, well.

> -Josie the 7w6

> > That makes sense to me. I do go to 7 under a certain amount of stress and up to 8 when feeling comfortable, but these movements are less extreme than they used to be when I was less healthy. I have also noticed this with my 4 wing - that I go to 2 under stress and to 1 when more comfortable. The 3 movements apply as well, and the 6 to some degree. One thing I will say is this - I think it might have something to do with my environment as a child, and also something to do with my personal growth.

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