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Re: I'm a 5 with both wings, but I could be 9w1
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Re: I'm a 5 with both wings, but I could be 9w1

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Posted by Damian ( on May 28, 2003 at 01:07:55:

In Reply to: I'm a 5 with both wings, but I could be 9w1 posted by Redsky803 ( on May 27, 2003 at 14:19:12:

I do sometimes get angry when I feel that others are unreachable during argument, but I am not a type 9. I don't have anything against 9s, but I have a real problem getting along with them. I find that they do not like to discuss most of the things that I - being a 5 - like to discuss. While I do relate to the whole wanting people to be reached by my arguments attitude, and sometimes I want to avoid conflict, I am certainly not a 9. I think a look at the motives behind the two types would be helpful. Both are withdrawn types. The 5 withdraws to collect knowledge and skill, in short, to prepare for his next entry into his environment. The 9 withdraws because they can't find the effort to put into life. Conflict, I think, is a big trigger for this because it is very draining and consequently takes a lot of effort. The 5 is an overexpressive type, which means that the 5 will speak his mind in many situations even though others might not like it, and while 5s might have some role-models, they certainly don't idealize other people. In fact, 5s tend to have problems socializing with other people. On the other hand, even though the 9 is not a highly social type, they do idealize others because they lack a coherent sense of identity. So, they see themselves in other people and live through other people. They lack their own agendas. Their agenda is other people's agendas. They think they have to make sure everyone's alright. 5s don't do this. 5s dislike demands made on them by others and certainly don't lack their own agendas. Another commonality between the two types is that they are disconnected from their own emotions. But each type does this for different reasons. The 9 does it because he just doesn't know enough about himself as an individual. The 5 does it because he feels he must use his mind to defend against his environment, and while they might feel their emotions deeply while alone - withdrawn - they won't show them in front of other people. Of course, all of this changes in some ways as the types get very healthy or unhealthy, but if I got into that, then I would be talking about people, not types. What I am discribing are symptoms of the 5 fixation and the 9 fixation and how they can seem alike on the surface. I even think that both types are often intps, 5s more than 9s, though.

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