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Re: I'm a 5 with both wings, but I could be 9w1
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Re: I'm a 5 with both wings, but I could be 9w1

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Posted by Damian ( on May 28, 2003 at 01:18:49:

In Reply to: Re: I'm a 5 with both wings, but I could be 9w1 posted by BillyBob ( on May 27, 2003 at 14:45:17:

I agree that 9s are far more likely to identify themselves as 5s than 5s are to identify themselves as 9s. I think the core reason behind this is that 9s have an underdeveloped sense of self, and since they share many surface traits with 5s, tend to misidentify themselves as such. I don't think most 9s realise, though, just how intense the mental activity of a 5 can be. It would totally blow away the peace of mind that a 9 is looking for. I think that is the core reason I don't get along with 9s - my mental activity disturbs their peace of mind. And while that might give me the advantage on understanding things, it gives them another advantage because 9s are far less high-strung than 5s. This is another major difference betweem these two types - 9s are very relaxed people and 5s are very tense people. So for someone who is questioning whether they are a 5 or a 9, I would say this: are you a relaxed or a tense person? The answer to that question ought to point the way.

I'm not sure that anyone has proven that there can only be one wing, but in my experience, it's all I've seen. I left some posts recently under the heading "no one is a pure type" where I discuss my theory that people might only ahve one wing, but still have issues of both adjacent types. I also sugggest that we can have auxiliary types, type modes we go into that aren't connected to our own types.

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