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Posted by BillyBob ( on May 28, 2003 at 07:04:26:

In Reply to: Re: I'm a 5 with both wings, but I could be 9w1 posted by Hyperion ( on May 28, 2003 at 01:40:08:

> I agree with this assessment.

> I am a 5W4 who sometimes test as 9W1 because I tend to back away from conflict. I think though that the 9 backs away from conflict because he is afraid of conflict, but the 5 backs away from conflict only if he thinks it is the logical thing to do - like if he does not know enough about the situation, or he has calculated it to be a futile exercise, or if the conflict involves emotions as it often does. Indeed I remember being too stubborn or too argumentative in times of conflict when I thought I was correct which is a 5ish trait - at least as long as there is no emotions involved otherwise I'd just clam up and withdraw because I don't like to show what I am feeling.

While I don't think as a 5 I back away from conflict out of conscious 'fear', fear is considered the central issue for 5's, whereas for 9's it is anger. In my experience 9's don't avoid conflict out of fear but usually because they don't even consciouly perceive the conflict - they are oblivious to it. If it is a recurrent conflict, as in a relationship, then they suppress their response over and over until they explode into anger or confrontation (usually after some months of avoidance). Wing seems to make a big difference for 9's too, with the 8 wings being more willing and able to confront.

I do relate to what you say about how a 5 approaches conflict through analysis as to the utility of confrontation given all the particulars of the situation. But I would say that this very stance of wanting at all costs to be *correct* and to prevail (or at least be right!) is motivated by the FEAR of being wrong, or of looking like a fool, etc.

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