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A new understanding of Troll
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A new understanding of Troll

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Posted by Cjarlez/ Charlie ( on June 13, 2003 at 15:23:55:

> Charlie is a troll. It's as simple as that. These boards are for people who are interested in the Enneagram, and who generally like the Enneagram. (They may disagree with one idea or another, but not the entire system.) People who post to Libertarian boards promoting Marxism are TROLLS. People who post to Phish Phan boards putting down that band in general are TROLLS. People who post here bashing the Enneagram are TROLLS.


You have made me aware of what it means to be a troll, no less a commercialized word coined by people who had no intellectual means to defend their opinions. And it is unfortunate that you are so hostile to the exchange of ideas that run counter to the boards'. However, I don't hold everyone here accountable to your opinion, and I don't believe that the board stands for what you intend. I have found in life that people like you hold to mystic ideas are usually hostile to TROLLS like me not because you see my ideas as threatening your ideas, but because you see my ideas threatening your internal structure of reality. Understand this Josie, I am in the business of ideas, and the free exchange of those ideas that I have come to know through my own conceptualization as a free-thinking agent. My structure of reality is not in jeopardy of crumbling because my ideas may be wrong. These concepts are man-made and subject to flaws. The problem with you is you have confused man-made concepts(abstract-a result of mental processes) with natural concepts(concrete-grounded in the natural world, independent of human intervention, i.e. a mountain, earthquake, etc.) and taken man-made concepts as self-evident truths. Don't confuse the abstract with the concrete! It is dangerous to be so anti-conceptual.

When you try to pose this totalitarian order among message board forums, you lock yourself in a box away from the world, believing that all of your ideas are self-evident truths. Its the typical security that typical people want to embrace. You do it out of fear of having to realize that maybe your perceptions of reality have been wrong all along. They are only wrong when you hold to them like glue. What you are saying essentially when you speak about trolls is "if you don't agree with this system, (which merely rests on an idea) you shouldn't speak." This kind of outlook has led to the most brutal, despotic, limiting regimes and institutions history has known. I do not subscribe to such institutions, so guess what Josie. Wherever I believe reason and reality are threatened, I will be the proudest troll you have ever come across.

> -Josie the 7w6 (operating from a counter-phobic, 8ish 6 stance, reacting impulsively like the 7 I am)

Oh, so sevens react impulsively, lol. Nobody else. What do you base your evidence on? The same evidence people base astrology on? People who act impulsively are people whose reason have very little constraint over their emotions when it comes to moment to moment situations. Many people of different personality structures can be impulsive. I used to be very impulsive, as was my friend, who still is to this day. But our personalities are night and day except on that one trait. So it is based in nothing but faith to say that impulsivity is anchored in one personality type, or gives rise to similar personalities.

Unfortunately, this is a period where mealy-minded intellectuals have attempted to objectify social sciences and reduce humans to the status of operative machine. So it is not surprising that you reduced your actions to programmed operations. As a bit of practical advice: because you are aware of your impulsivity, will yourself to be more prudent. Machines don't have such power over themselves, but humans do. Wake up from your world of self-evident truths, which you abide too like a roadmap.

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