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Re: A new understanding of Troll
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Re: A new understanding of Troll

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Posted by Josie ( on June 14, 2003 at 08:35:39:

In Reply to: Re: A new understanding of Troll posted by charlie ( on June 14, 2003 at 01:35:59:

> > I don't think it's so one-sided. While I'm not denying the truth of what you say about being narrow-minded, I don't think you realize that people would be a lot more receptive to you if you would speak to them in a respectful manner. For all you know, Josie wouldn't have been offended.

> When was I disrespectful?

Damian is correct. You are very obviously disrespectful. As you're openly denying this, you obviously assume we're all idiots. WAKE UP! We're not!

No quantity of your silly words justifies your troll-like behaviour. You're in the 'business of ideas'? My father is a novelist. My boyfriend is a well-known academic. Aren't THEY in the 'business of ideas?' They like, love and respect me, and wouldn't respect someone posting here with the intention of starting a fight like you are.

You're putting down the Enneagram because it's a humanly created abstract system? How many other 'humanly created abstract systems' can I name, eh?! Various forms of sociology, engineering, philosophy, MATHEMATICS, linguistics? The list goes on... You can go to a sociological web board bashing sociology in general like you did with the Enneagram in general, and many people think sociology is bunk. But it's not nice to go around putting people down, you obviuosly operate with a very low mentality.

FYI, the Enneagram ISN'T like astrology. Astrology assumes that someone born at a certain time will have a certain personality and a certain destiny. The Enneagram is a set of very insightful observations about people's minds and behaviour, that, yes, everyone is unique, but people's life perspectives and behaviours can be categorized, that one 2 will have a lot of issues in common with another 2, etc. And I've not only observed what Riso, Hudson and Palmer write to well reflect reality, I've also noticed the parental orientation assumptions that Riso and Hudson make to reflect reality... I know a few image-driven threes to all be very close to their mothers, my type one father had to adjust to a disconnection from his father, I as a 7w6 felt disconnected to my mother, but close to my father, my 5w6 boyfriend felt ambivalent toward his parents but a little warmer toward his dad, etc. Here, most of us are using the Enneagram to really help us understand how people tick, and it works for us, no MAGIC involved.

If you don't like it, GET LOST!

Josie the 7w6

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