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5w6--ISTJ--Virgo /I as a 7w6 am confused
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5w6--ISTJ--Virgo /I as a 7w6 am confused

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Posted by Jewel ( on June 16, 2003 at 11:13:23:


Currently I am seeing a 5w6 male who is an ISTJ and also a Virgo. This has been an on again/off again relationship for the last nine months. In March and April of this year he called me almost every day and we saw one another once or twice a week, always on Saturday nights, we went to dinner, looked at furntiture for his new house, looked at flooring, etc.

He is building a new house and after the first weekend in May I did not hear from him for a week, finally I called him and it took him three days to return my call. He said he had been busy with stuff for his house, then he shows up a few days later at the park where I run, tells me he is going to be busy with his house for the next month or so. I asked him if he was saying hello or goodbye. He told me, "Neither" but that he wanted to tell me what was in his head. He said he had been thinking alot about the future and wanted to know if I thought he and I had a future together. I told him yes I did. When I asked him this question he said he didnt know. He told me he didnt want to spend the rest of his life with just his dog. So I told him I did want to get married and that I adored him and that we had both chemistry and compatablility, etc. He also showed some very deep emotions about this house he is building, got all misty-eyed and blew his nose. He was very noncommital but wanted to know my feelings.
Later that week he comes over for dinner but after the dinner then I hear nothing from him for eight days and then we talk on the phon. Five days later he shows up at the park the day of his house closing to show me his keys to his house and tell me all about the closing, says we will get together soon. He leaves but tells me the next few weeks are busy for him. Ten days later he calls me and we talk for an hour and a half, all about his house. This past Saturday I run into him in the grocery store and if feels very awkward. Finally he says he will take me to his house when it is all finished and we will have dinner. I tell him I miss him and he responded with I miss you too. He also told me I was very impatient.
Sorry its so long--here is my question to the Fives. What is actually going on here? In March and April there so much contact and I thought everything was fine. He would tell me what a wonderful time he had with me, we did some intense sharing about our pasts, etc. I dont honestly know what to do, I know I am in love with him and we do have both the chemistry and the compatability but his behaviors are puzzling.
In appreciate any insights or information, I am lost. Thanks.

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