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Re: Thanks II
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Re: Thanks II

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Posted by Jewel ( on June 16, 2003 at 21:15:32:

In Reply to: Re: Thanks posted by DingBat ( on June 16, 2003 at 15:37:50:

Hello Dingbat,

Thank you for your insights and your wisdom.

I feel so stupid--you are so accurate.

Of course he needs to experience my love in a way that is meaningful to him and words may not be the ticket.

I must confess though that when I told him I adored him it was after I had given him a massage and while we were being intimate. Earlier that night I had fixed his favorite dish for dinner. Yet after this I didnt hear from him for eight days.

He did tell me that it wasnt so important what people did for him as it was that they be nice to him and talk nicely to him. Guess this is because he has had some women hit him and curse him out,that is what he has told me.

Are fives ever ambivalent about being in intimate relationships and vascillate between being so close and then removing themself/

He has also told me about five times that he "has ways of finding out and knowing what I am doing after he moves" Currently he is about ten minutes away and after he moves he will only be twenty minutes away. He is the only person I am seeing and I have told him so. Is this five behavior?

My apologies for all the questions just trying to understand. Thanks again Dingbat for your time and your help.

> > Thank you so much for your comments.

> > I did tell him that I adored him three times the last time we were together, he didnt say anything. I also told him he makes me feel joyful imside when we are together and that I savor our quiet times in one another's presence, that it wasnt always the doing things together but the being together.

> > Is this being very close and then moving away from me consistent with a fives behavior?

> Not for me, no. I don't know enough other 5's to say if such behavior is common.

> It is possible that your *telling* him had little meaning to him; some people only feel really loved by physical touching (like kissing, sex, massages, etc.), or by having something done for/with them (like doing favors, working on the house, etc.), while still others require gifts or the like. The simplest way to notice this about someone else is to observe what they do for *you* when they are trying to show they love you...and then reciprocate in kind later when you wish to make them feel loved.

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