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Re: How do 5w4 get along w 8s?
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Re: How do 5w4 get along w 8s?

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Posted by Odyssey ( on June 30, 2003 at 22:16:46:

In Reply to: How do 5w4 get along w 8s? posted by schrips ( on June 15, 2003 at 19:08:07:

I happen to be a 5 with a strong 4 wing, INTP. I find myself extremely apprehensive when thinking about 8s I know of... especially when they're lower-average in psychological health. 5s tend to be really sensitive around others (particularly their expectations and negative emotions), though of course we don't seem to show it. 8s, as opposed to other types, are probably most likely to intrude boundaries (mental and spatial) - under the influence of their expansive need to control the environment. This triggers one of the major sensitivities or fear reactions present in a 5: The fear of being overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed may likely cause you to show your negative emotions while not consciously being aware of this... If you're an INTP (introverted & thinking) or similar MBTI type, this is explained as going to your unconscious shadow: ESFJ (extraverted & feeling/emotional), for example. Thus explaining what your brother sees as irrationality.
About debating - From personal experience, 8s often feverishly love to debate to win, but their brains may turn off once they've formed their opinion. It can be rather unfulfilling for a 5, yes. If you're wise, you'll take all advice with a grain of salt, but my advice is to avoid living with an 8 unless he's very psychologically healthy. To get along with 8s: I try to have contact sparingly, but if necessary, I'll be louder and more serious and not back down - they'll respect you more and perhaps even make a deal.
I may have misplaced comments for your particular situation, but I hope my input helps =)

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