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Re: Anyone else on the 5-4 / INFJ-INTJ fence?
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Re: Anyone else on the 5-4 / INFJ-INTJ fence?

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Posted by Michael ( on July 29, 2003 at 14:56:08:

In Reply to: Re: Anyone else on the 5-4 / INFJ-INTJ fence? posted by Nell ( on June 29, 2003 at 13:35:52:

Yes, I too have felt frustrated being on this split. Of course, being an IN?J, I have tried to define a model for this phenomenon... :) Declaring "accomplishments" is harder for INTJ/INFJ types. An accomplishment must contain both emotionally and intellectually satisfying components. This is very hard to achieve. Personally, I have completed many intellectually satisfying and emotionally satisfying goals, but rarely together. So, I frequently feel restless, frustrated, bored, and impatient. I find myself taking on intellectually demanding (but practically impossible) work, in order to feel a corresponding emotional rush (i.e.: pulling all-nighters). But I think this is analagous to "junk food".

That being said, I think being a T/F mix is a strength, it's just a matter of finding the right channel for it. For example, I have the diplomacy skills of an INFJ and the innovative skills of an INTJ. That's pretty rare, and it allows me to get my innovative ideas across effectively.

Some career avenues (based on my background) that I think combine both T/F elements are:

- working for a Startup
- working in Marketing or Business Development (product must be intellectually complex)
- Consulting or Relationship/Account Management
- writing Management Consulting books

Getting back to the first writer's comments on shifting dreams. Yes, that's a problem, so I try to keep my dreams small - that way, I can juggle as many as I wish, discard the ones that eventually bore me, and keep the ones I plan on accomplishing. Borderline T/Fs should probably never put all their eggs in one basket at a time. If you're having trouble juggling, use mind-mapping software.

Best of luck!

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