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Re: Confusion between point 5 and point 1
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Re: Confusion between point 5 and point 1

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Posted by 5or1woman ( on August 06, 2003 at 17:52:07:

In Reply to: Re: Confusion between point 5 and point 1 posted by NadaOne ( on August 06, 2003 at 16:06:16:

"Do you find a lot of your internal focus is on how people (like co-workers) are lazy slackers?"
I feel that way about a few people, but it is not much of a concern for me.

The question of anger and boredom is food for thought, though I am not sure what to conclude. I will try to observe more when and why I get angry or bored.

I do not get bored easily because I am interested in many things and find or bring things to entertain myself. However, I do get angry easily. The paradox is I am more often bored than angry. I think I avoid situations and do not put up with people who make me angry (I leave), whereas I cannot always avoid situations where I am not allowed to entertain myself and must talk to dull people (like an office party). So, in the end, I am more often bored than angry.

As far as getting angry easily, I am not usually demonstrative about my anger and I may only realize I am angry about something when I start feeling resentful. I do become vocal (confrontational) about my anger when I feel someone I care about is being willfully inconsiderate. Like you, I don't really get angry with anyone who is not close to me.

I think I am much more open-minded than I used to be. I was never closed minded but I used to be much more convinced of certain ideals and moral standards. I also have a serious problem about setting reasonable standards for my own performance. I always imagine the best and most I can accomplish, and set that as my standard for success. This seems very much on the 1 point to me, but what seems on the 5 point is the other thing I do to delay success -- I feel I must know a lot about any issue or subject before I can draw conclusions about it. I suppose I care more about being right and well-informed than I do about being successful.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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